Podcasting can be extremely beneficial for your business. But, you have to keep in mind that it isn’t all just about pressing the record button and uploading whatever you come up with on the spot. The fact, for starters, you need high-quality equipment and a proper studio.

Then, you need to start planning every podcast in advance. You will find yourself in a situation where you will constantly be thinking about what your next podcast is going to look like. So, you need to prepare, have the necessary tech skills, and also know how to engage with your audience.

This is a perfect solution for a small business to show off as an expert in the industry and get the word out.

Why do people usually listen to podcasts? It is because the topic is valuable, informative, or entertaining to them. In other words, it is an intimate way of connecting with your audience. People love to connect to their favorite podcasters and feel like they know them in some way. So, if you hold on to your weekly schedule and deliver what they are after, people will follow you and trust you.

In this article, we are going to discuss the various benefits that starting a podcast can have for your business.

Podcasts are a very engaging medium

Taking a look at the state of the web today, we can pretty much tell that it is overcrowded with information. So, instead of consuming copious amounts of content that is in written form, podcasts, as audio sources of info, are a brilliant monotony breaker.

While written content is left to its own devices to be interpreted, podcasts enable the speaker to be engaging when they deliver the information and truly spark the audience’s interest if they are good enough at it. When your prospects develop a relationship with your podcaster, they will most probably be much more susceptible to being influenced to purchase from you.

Build authority and credibility

As we have previously mentioned, podcasts are a brilliant way to show off what you are good at. And the more your audience listens to your stories about your expertise, the more they will put their trust in you. It is pretty simple – more people will convert because they are much more likely to buy from someone who is credible and authority in the field.

When you share your podcasts, you can cover essential information related to your business niche, and show how much you really know about the subject. Also, people will be able to tell that you are good at thinking on your feet. This translates into you being a real expert. Through your voice, people will connect to what you’ve got to say, and your credibility and authority will rise as you will be recognized as a valuable figure in the industry.

Podcasts are easier to make than blogs

What is also very beneficial about podcasts is that, unlike with blog posts, you don’t have to go through a whole bunch of re-examination of what you have come up with. What makes podcasts stand out is the very conversational tone that they have. It’s the fact that they are so spontaneous that makes people connect to them easily.

Easier Podcast

For some people, it feels almost like they are sitting with a friend at a café and having a very enlightening chat. Still, if you do have a lot of awkward pauses and noises while you are thinking what to say next, you can edit them out with a simple audio editing program and make the podcast feel more cohesive.

Repurpose your best content

Podcasts are also a great way of giving a new purpose to older pieces of content that have performed very well and brought you a whole lot of traffic. So, if you have a great blog post that is doing a very good job, with the comment section full of discussion and social media shares all over the place, repurposing will be the perfect next step.

Repurpose Best Content

So, the blog post’s topic is obviously something that people are really interested in. You can bring in an even greater audience by turning it into a podcast. Basically, take the essence of your post and convert it into audio, by giving similar comments on the subject, but doing it in a whole new way that will spark even more interest.

Another great thing about this is that it’ll save you time. You won’t have to come up with new content as you’ve already got your blog post as a draft for the podcast. Basically, just sit down and record your thoughts on the matter, add some new conclusions, throw in a story or two, and swipe your audience off their feet with your character and personality.

A podcast can do a lot for your business, as you will be sharing your content in the audio form, which enables you to speak about important and valuable subjects while asserting your personality and creating a much more personal relationship with your audience. You will establish yourself as an authority in the field, and people will follow you because they will feel like they know you and they can put their trust in you. You can also repurpose your best content in the form of podcasts so that you drive even more traffic.

So, what are you waiting for? Start a podcast now and improve your business efforts.

Opinions expressed by TechGenYZ Guest Contributors are their own.

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