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Are you looking for resources to create a logo for your business, website, or other new projects? Here are some online services that allow you to create custom logos in a short time, being able to insert images and text.

These tools are really simple to use, and they allow you to create a logo that can be applied to a website, business card or any other document. Let’s find out which one to use and how to create logos with images and personalized text.


By connecting to the DesignEvo logo website, you can start with the creation of your logo by clicking directly on the “Make a Free Logo” button.


In the next screen, there are more than 6000 professionally designed logos listed. You can select the category that best matches your business or enter the keywords to search the appropriate templates. To make your logo more unique and distinctive, you can add new icons, shapes, change colors and fonts to your liking.

Once you have finished the creation, you can save it after registering or directly download it for free.

The second tool is also very simple and straightforward. What you have to do is write the name of the company, and the LogoTypeCreator will generate many logo samples to choose and edit.


You must log in to modify the logo. With a few simple clicks, you can change the image color, text font, and background color to make the logo even more personal.

For those who want an impressive logo without a lot of design work, try CoolText, free and easy to use. As soon as you enter the site, you can select the style of the text that you like and proceed with the customization of size and font.

Once you have set these parameters, you will be ready to download the new logo.

By using BestCreativity, you can find people able to create your logo at a price that you can decide. The service is dedicated to all those who want to have something professional without spending too much.

Watch the video that shows how the service works:

Another very simple platform to use is OnlineLogoMaker. Once access to the site, you just click on the button “Start Logo Maker” and customize the text, the background and the image of the logo.

Online Logo Maker

What you will have to do is simply edit the text or add more using the “ADD TEXT” button, change the image of the logo that will represent us via the “ADD SYMBOL” button, choose the background color and other details that will allow you to make your logo unique.

Once you have completed your logo, click on “Save & Download” button on the top right. The online tool at this point will allow you to choose whether to download the paid version at a higher resolution of 2000px or the free version of 500px.

Did you think that creating a logo was more difficult? Obviously, creating a professional logo can be easy and quick by using the above logo maker websites. Leave your worries behind and try to create your own logo now.

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