Google is always trying to make its capability the best in the world. And recently it introduced a new version of sound search that is powered by the same technology as the Now Playing. Google introduces a new voice query feature, the Google music recognition that will help Google recognize music faster and accurate than ever before.

Last year Google Now Playing was launched on the Pixel 2 by Google to bring low-power, always-on music recognition to mobile devices with an aim to create a small, efficient music recognizer. It is made to run entirely on-device without an internet connection which requires a very small fingerprint for each track in the database.

Google Now PlayingTo start a voice query for Google music recognition you just need to ask “Hey Google, what’s this song?” Or if there’s a song playing in the background then “What’s this song? A suggestion will pop up automatically for you to press on it. Google has tried its level best to make use of AI and craft its sound search which is both faster and accurate with a substantially larger musical library to face.

With Now Playing, we originally set out to use machine learning to create a robust audio fingerprint compact enough to run entirely on a phone. It turned out that we had, in fact, created a very good all-round audio fingerprinting system, and the ideas developed there carried over very well to the server-side Sound Search system, even though the challenges of Sound Search are quite different. – Google AI Blog

There are still certain flaws that hold it back; like the recognition of the song is really impossible when the music is too low or if the music has a noisy background and Google hopes to improve it in its next version of the update. To use this search you can go to the Google search app or the Google Assistant on any Android phone.