Top 3 ways to grow PDF security

PDF is the world’s most beloved file format for sharing and archiving documents. It’s compact, universal and the content of PDF can be secured in more than one way.

If you use the right software with robust PDF security options, that is. A good contender we’re taking for a spin today is Able2Extract Professional.

Read on to learn how to:

  • Create secure PDF from any printable file format,
  • Watermark PDF to deny unauthorized use, and
  • Redact PDF text to hide and protect sensitive information.

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Table of Contents

Encrypt PDF and Set Permissions

Able2Extract lets you set passwords for opening a PDF file and allow or deny permissions to recipients.

Encrypt Document

If you have a document in any other printable file format (Microsoft Word, for example) and you want to secure that file, just enable security options before converting to PDF. Once you’ve done this, save them as default and have every PDF created in the future with Able2Extract password protected and secure.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Open Able2Extract and from the View drop menu choose PDF Creation Options… In the dialog window select the Security tab, check the Secure PDF box and set passwords and customize permissions. Note that Owner password overrides all permissions, so you should keep it private.

PDF Creation Option

Step 2: Click on the Create icon in the main toolbar, choose the file, and click on the Open button. You should have a secure PDF created in seconds and opened in Able2Extract Professional.

Step 3: Lastly, save your file locally by clicking the Save icon in the main toolbar. Choose name and location for the created PDF and share it carefree knowing you have full control over who can open it and how others can use it.

On the other hand, if you already have a PDF and you want to secure it before sharing, the procedure is a bit different. After opening the file, click on the Edit icon in the main toolbar and go to the drop menu Edit > Encrypt Document… In the dialog window, set passwords and permissions. Once you save your PDF, it will be secured with 256-bit encryption and ready for the harsh online environment.

Watermark PDF

No one can claim ownership of your documents if you watermark them properly. This is essential if you are sending out academic or business documents that are intellectual property.

Watermark OptionOne out of ten Able2Extract’s annotation options is to add the watermark. You can find Annotations panel on the right-hand side of the interface as soon as you start the program.

When you open a file, click on the Watermark icon and the customization options dialog will pop up. Then it’s up to you to decide if watermark should be text or image, how it will look like, where on the page it’ll be placed, and to what page range it will be applied.

If you plan to reuse the same watermark again, save it as a template and it’ll be ready for use next time you need to add it to a PDF.

Redact Sensitive Information

Redact Sensitive Information

The redaction feature acts as a digital counterpart of the redaction pen. As one of Able2Extract’s edit PDF features, it comes handy when you want to share a document but you want certain classified information to be hidden.
To achieve this, open the file and click on the Edit icon in the main toolbar.

Click the Redaction icon and then drag a selection rectangle over text containing sensitive information to black it out. As a matter of fact, Able2Extract lets you choose the color and outline for redacted PDF text.
When you are satisfied with the result, save your file.


Don’t just assume sensitive information won’t get stolen or misused. Take active measures to protect your personal data contained in PDFs you share online. It’s a hassle-free step that will save you from worrying about what can happen and how to solve problems when it inevitably does.

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