Xbox One welcomes RPM boosted NHL 19 under its wing

Sep 14, 2018, 5:30 pm

Chandril C.

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Xbox One gamers have a very interesting update that would sound like an early arrival of Christmas. NHL 19 has arrived and now players can play in multiple game modes, in exotic game locations, ambience, with user customization option against or by teaming up with the 200 of the famous Hockey legends and veterans that have ever played this game.

The game uses the Real Power Motion (RPM) technology for users. The users can play the game in frozen outdoor ponds, in frozen rinks and hence the idea is very realistic in NHL 19. The user can create a very customized character suiting the needs that can be used as multiple game modes and in all outdoor environment, mapping progressions accordingly.

The best thing that the game offers is that the users can freely use the skills and techniques, against two other users.T here are no pauses and no rules governing the game, and the style of playing can be personal and developed accordingly, as has been hinted over and over again.

There is a Pro-Am mode encapsulates an offline series of three on three challenges that can team the user’s character with other legendary players to take on other superstar squads that have names like Wayne Gretzky. Be it online, or offline, rewards can always be achieved in NHL 19.

The apparels for the characters that have been added in the game include hoodies, jackets, parkas, knits among others that are just an add-on to the customization of the player and moreover with more points earned by playing all-new game modes in the World of Chel, with new playstyle classes and traits marking up an bettering the skills of the User’s players on the ice.

RPM has enabled Explosive-Edge Skating by which crisp cornering have become easier now with a better response, control and connect. The Collision physics technology enhances the RPM by making more realistic, unique and different moves on the ice and hence the experience of playing on this platform will be heavenly because of the Explosive Edge Skating

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