OnePlus and Google announces Crackables the brand-new puzzle game

Puzzle Game Crackables

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Crackables, featuring a mix of real-life and digital puzzles, is the new game in town, one that has been announced by OnePlus and Google.

This game involves rewards in its course with an “ultimate gaming setup” worth $30,000 going to the grand prize winner. However, it definitely doesn’t sound that easy.

Players of Crackables will be competing with one another and solve a series of puzzles with skill and swiftness. The first 1,000 players to make it through the opening three challenges will advance to a final round, for which they’ll be sent the physical microcontroller they need to continue in the competition.

The game is a creation of the Sleep Derivation Lab, home of the lead designer and writer of the likes of Red Dead Redemption. It is expected that the plot would be more exciting than your standard puzzle game. And with the assistance of the creatives at the APAC division of Google Zoo, it seems like OnePlus can spice this game up real nice.

A little spoiler is a robot with the name of Crax who provides the back-story and introduces the first puzzle, helping the game become equal parts entertaining and infuriating.

Interested players can avail the game when it officially begins on Tuesday, September 18th at 8 am ET at on their mobile devices.

OnePlus and Google announces Crackables the brand-new puzzle game