Apple tvOS gets a facelit for its fourth and fifth generation televisions

Sep 18, 2018, 5:00 pm

Chandril C.

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The seeding of a very new beta version of Apple iOS 12.1 was made available to the developers today, which will be downloadable from the Development Centre of Apple over-the-air if the configuration profile has been installed properly. The profile has to be installed by the Xcode on the Apple TV, and a new version of Xcode – the version 10.1 has also been released by Apple today.

It came after a day of the release of Apple tvOS 12 and what comes new in the box has not been told specifically. Features like Group FaceTime might be added back to this new version, that did not find its way to the iOS 12.

The emojis that were promised in a new version may be present in Apple iOS 12.1 beta. Only after using this new software, developers can give a clearer view of the developments, given that Apple has always been secretive about what goes in their new software updates.

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