Top 10 rugged iPhone and iPad cases for ultimate protection

As an avid outdoor enthusiast, you always need your iPhone or iPad to be protected, and in the worst conditions. Cases need to withstand drops from insurmountable heights, submersion in swamp water or mud holes, and being run over by an ATV. These are not uncommon occurrences out in the field, and they happen in the most inopportune times. For hunting and other wilderness pursuits, no matter what happens, these devices must be at the ready.

Ready to GPS your way out of the deep woods in the dark or ready to make that call when an emergency arises. Cute and colorful plastic cases just won’t cut it for the serious outdoorsman, but these top 10 rugged cases will go above and beyond the call of duty.

Otterbox Defender

At approximately $50, this heavy-duty case is equipped with four layers of protection and offer complete encasement of your device. The rubberized outer cover is slip-resistant so handling your device with wet, cold hands is effortless. Although the Otterbox is not waterproof, it is resistant to brief contact with moisture and sports a handy belt clip that holds the phone tight while navigating through thick brush.

Lifeproof Fre

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With a higher price at around $80, some might shy away from the Lifeproof case. But this case is one of the only fully submergible Apple device protectors on the market. It fully seals your device and is water-proof to a 6.6 ft. depth for one hour and handles a 6.6 ft. drop like a warrior. It is slimmer in design than other cases and carries well in tight pockets. Add-ons such as the available floatation cover, make this case number one for those who are on the water for most of their outdoor adventures.

Magpul Field Case

At around $17, The Magpul Field Case is ideal for those who want iron-clad protection at a reasonable price. Made from a flexible thermoplastic, the Field Case features PMAG-style ribs for added grip but is low-profile enough to slide in and out of pockets with ease. It has optimized ports for the accessibility of factory charging cables, (which can be an issue with other cases,) and it is made 100% in the USA. This rugged case is an innovation from Magpul, a company known for precision engineered firearms, and they definitely hit the bulls-eye of device protection with The Field Case. Online firearm dealers like Omaha Outdoors carry these cases for a reason. They are that good.

Spigen Tough Armor Case

With a $35 price tag, this dual-layered, certified military grade TPU and polycarbonate case is excellent protection, at a reasonable price. It is surrounded in air cushion technology to withstand shock and impact while still boasting a slim profile for easy pocket carry. It also has a handy kickstand to allow for hands-free use.

Pelican Marine

Riding at the $30 mark, this case was designed for extreme outdoor water sports. The shell passes military drop standards and is waterproof for complete and continuous submersion. The soft-touch jacket is easy to hang onto when the going gets rough and won’t slide off surfaces.

Griffin Survivor Extreme Case

This case is in the $50 ballpark and can handle a 10 ft. drop repeatedly. It scores an IP55 rating for moisture resistance and seals out rain, snow, and mud. Membranes protect the speakers without muffling the sound. It also has a belt clip that doubles as a kickstand, making this case user-friendly in any environment.

UAG Monarch Case

This case looks as tough as it is, and at around $56, its top ten protection at a mid-range price. It exceeds military drop standards and has a handy oversized button feature that allows you to access device switches without looking. It has non-slip rubber feet and corners that prevent sliding and enhance grip in wet and dirty conditions.

Zizo Bolt Series

This case is military-grade protection in a $40 price range. The Bolt series meets 12 ft. 810.1-G compliancy with a 0.33mm 9H hardness and 100% clarity tempered glass screen protector. This case also comes with a kickstand for hands-free operation and comes in up to 10 colors for those who want more than basic black.

X-Doria Defense Shield Series

At around $30, this case is comprised of anodized aluminum, TPU, and polycarbonate materials, which exceeds military drop standards to 10 feet. The anodized aluminum gives this case an iridescent look, making each one unique. Its innovative one-piece design makes installing it on your phone simple, and also amplifies sound for a better audio experience.

Seacosmo Case

This is another waterproof case but at a reasonable $30 price point. It is IP68 certified waterproof and tested it at 6.7 ft. under water for 30 min. It’s shockproof and rugged with a battle-ready 360-degree shell and comes with a lanyard attachment point. Unlike some cases, touch screen sensitivity is kept intact, so your device responds without the need for excessive finger pressure.

iPhones and iPads are hefty investments, and these devices need serious protection. Although no case can safeguard your phone 100% from damage, if you’re into highly intense outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and camping or your job requires tactical maneuvers in extreme conditions, protecting your device as best you can, could mean the difference between life or death.

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