Sony’s PlayStation classic, miniature PS1 to hit the stores in December

Sony PlayStation Classic

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Following Nintendo’s footsteps, Sony declared to bring out its own original PS1 miniatured console roughly 45% reduced from its former size this December. This new version of the Classic Sony PlayStation is so small that you can hold it in your hand and you can also easily connect it to a television set.

The PlayStation Classic is priced at $99.99 and comes with 20 genre-defining, Song’s most-loved games. Out of these 20, only five titles have been released which includes: Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms – names which are already throwing the users on a nostalgic ride. “All of the pre-loaded games will be playable in their original format,” the company said in an announcement post on the PlayStation blog.

The Sony PlayStation Classic will hit the store shelves on December 3rd which actually marks the 24th anniversary of the PlayStation’s release in Japan. The pack includes the system with two controllers. The gamepads are full-size replicas of the original PS1 controller and thence they don’t include analog sticks or vibrations. The gamepads come with USB plugs which can be plugged in the same spot as the original controller. You can’t pop PS1 memory cards into the PlayStation Classic – saved files get stored on a virtual memory card.

Sony PlayStation ConsoleThere has been no information on whether the Sony PlayStation Classic will include visual filters or display settings like the options available on Nintendo’s retro consoles. The back of the unit features only two ports: HDMI-out for video and audio, and micro-USB for power. The package comes with cables for both, but it doesn’t include an AC adapter, so users will need to supply their own or plug the system into a 5-volt, 1-amp USB port.

A blog post from Sony affirms that the final list of games may vary from place to place and it’s confirmed that the system will not accomodate additionally downloaded games.

It goes without saying that the PlayStation Classic is hotly tipped to be a popular stocking stuffer this year. The “reset” button is featured to serve as “suspend” so that the gamers can save their progress and come back to it later.

Considering Sony’s reputation, it, hopefully, will be able to avoid the supply problems Nintendo faced when it came to NES Classic Edition demand, resulting in extremely heightened EBay prices. So it will not be so difficult to lay your hands on the Sony PlayStation Classic as it proved with NES or SNES Classic.

Via: Polygon

Sony's PlayStation classic, miniature PS1 to hit the stores in December