Facebook faces an ultimatum from EU to change its terms of service

Sep 20, 2018, 9:45 am

Moupiya D.

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According to a report, the European Union gave Facebook an ultimatum on Thursday for not complying with the European Union’s consumer rules. Earlier this year, the company was told to change its user’s terms and conditions according to the EU standards, but it has yet to do so.

The 28-country bloc has been in talks with Facebook for almost two years because it says the tech giant does not comply with its consumer protection rules.

Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova stated that her “patience has reached its limit. She adds, While Facebook assured me to finally adapt any remaining misleading terms of services by December, this has been ongoing for too long”. She continues that she is not impressed with the progress until she sees the result.

Facebook was in scandal after the emergence of the Cambridge Analytica; a firm that worked with President Donald Trump’s election campaign and on Thursday Jourova remarked this scandal was a “stark reminder that not many people have clarity of how Facebook uses personal data of its users and how it works with apps, games or quiz creators.”

She wants to resolve all issues by December 2018 and so compels Facebook to update its terms and conditions by Oct. 18. The justice chief did not say exactly what penalty Facebook might face if it doesn’t play ball.

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