Instagram introduces GIFs in DMs, express yourself in countless visual ways

GIF in Instagram Direct

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Instagrammers will be ecstatic to know that there comes something more interesting to express their feelings to the loved ones and engage in chatting with friends the joyful way. The popular photo-sharing platform introduced the GIFs in Instagram Direct.

Sending random GIFs to surprise and cheer your friends is the next big thing Instagram brings to you.

GIF has become very popular among the users for sharing their feeling and emotions – and at the same time, it is fun. Millennials use Instagram to share photos and videos and the Facebook-owned company is emphasizing on communication for its 1 billion user base. In May this year, the company launched video chat feature allowing users to connect with their friends via live video streaming. Now, the new GIFs in Instagram Direct will add more fun to the communication – be it from sending “LOL” to “I love you”.

If you are in the direct communication via Insta Direct just tap on the new GIF button to get the trending GIFs powered by a third-party provider GIPHY. It’s very easy to send popular and trends GIFs to your contacts using a keyword search and phrase ‘to find the perfect GIF to make your friends laugh’.

How to send a GIF in a direct message on Instagram?

  1. Tap  in the top right of Feed.
  2. Tap a username or group name to open the conversation. You can also start a new conversation by tapping  in the top right.
  3. Next to where it says Write a message… tap .
  4. Search for a GIF or swipe left to see more GIFs. You can also tap Random to send a random GIF related to your search.
  5. Tap a GIF to send it instantly.

Powered by GIPHY the GIFs in Direct are available today in the latest version of Instagram for both iOS and Android.

Instagram introduces GIFs in DMs, express yourself in countless visual ways