Google Pixel 3 gets listed on a Chinese website before its announcement

Sep 20, 2018, 3:30 pm

Bipasha M.

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Google’s very own remarkable smartphone Pixel is available only in select countries and China is not one of them. But recently the Google Pixel 3 has been listed on a Chinese website called The pricing for the Google Pixel 3, as listed on the website, is 4,999 RMB which roughly comes to around $729. However, no one should consider this as the actual price of the smartphone as the prices of the devices listed before announcements are unreasonably high. The website shows a render which had already surfaced in recent weeks of the smaller Google Pixel 3. The website has listed both the black and white Pixel 3, the Pixel 3 XL and the Pixel 3 in all their glory.

The appearance of a smartphone as being listed on a website before their announcement is not really a big surprise as smartphones get often listed by third-party retailers before any announcement from the producers. However, its appearance on a Chinese website is certainly shocking. The reason may be that Google is trying to branch out and is looking to enter China which was not possible previously due to Google being blocked in that country.

Google is supposed to unveil their new device Pixel 3 in New York City on October 9. The prices for the Pixel smartphones are expected to go higher than the previous Pixel phones. But the Pixel 3 might be the bigger seller this year of the Pixel lot as it is expected that the price for the XL would be even higher. In recent leaks of the photos of the upcoming Pixel, the smartphones can be seen sporting a big notch with a lot of people voiced their dissatisfaction with the notch. Whether this is a ruse can only be found out at the launch event.

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