Microsoft’s official Windows Insider app maybe in works

Sep 26, 2018, 2:30 pm

Bipasha M.

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Windows Insider allows the owners of a valid license of Windows 10 to sign-up for pre-release builds of the OS which was previously only available to developers. The program obviously provided its users with some sort of an exclusive pass. At Microsoft’s Ignite conference when the representatives were discussing Windows Insider Program or, shortly known as WIP, in business and enterprise, an app made for this program was teased. The app has been long overdue for the users of WIP.

The teaser might mean that an official app for the WIP is in the progress. It is indeed happy news for those who are part of the program. There is not many specifications or features known about the app since only a teaser was released about its possible release in near future.

But very little details about the apps have surfaced. A sneak peek was given of the app during the presentation at the Ignite conference and it is speculated that it is still in its advanced stages. However, it has been known that it is a Progressive Web App. Progressive Web Apps are basically web applications which are available in offline mode as well but works like an online web page or regular websites.

The Dark Mode is its default theme and the app will be available on all devices thanks to its PWA design. It is an open-sourced app so that other devices can learn from its design and the app would leverage its PWA and Universal Windows Platform to other devices as well. The main goal of the app is to provide Insiders with an all-in-one area to navigate, keep up to date, and participate in the Windows Insider Program. It is expected that Microsoft will soon release definite news about the new app.

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