Nokia Partners With Alex Thomson Racing Sailing Team for Technology Partnership

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Today Nokia announced that they along with the Nokia Bell Labs, are partnering up with the UK-based sailing team Alex Thomson Racing. Nokia’s industrial research branch is called Nokia Bell Labs, and has a famous reputation worldwide. With the help of this new partnership, Alex Thomson is looking forward to winning the Vendee Globe race, a 24,000-mile solo, non-stop, unassisted race around the world. The joint partnership between these companies will continue up to the year 2021.

Race is also famous for being one of the most difficult ones. It tests both the physical and psychological strength of the participant primarily because it puts the participants through difficult and quite impossible situations.

Nokia will help the Thomson team by developing necessary and useful technology, from augmented intelligence and wearable technologies to networks and communications capabilities, to enhance the performance of the sailing team. This project by Nokia can be seen as a parallel work for their goal to spurt mission-critical networks in the 5G era.

Nokia’s Chief Technology Officer and Bell Labs President, Marcus Weldon, said: “We are delighted to be working with Alex Thomson Racing to push the limits of what is possible, and pioneer breakthroughs in the seamless integration of human talent and technological performance, in extremely harsh and often remote environments, in a race against time.”

“Alex Thomson Racing represents an important microcosm of the broader industrial IoT and mission-critical network focus of Nokia.”, said Marcus.

Vendée Globe is considered to be one of the toughest and non-stop unassisted race around the world. The challenge sees skippers battle through vast, unpredictable waters and brutal conditions.

Update: We apologize for writing Alex Thompson instead of Alex Thomson.

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