24-years Hacker claims to attack Zuckerberg’s Facebook Page ‘Live’

Sep 28, 2018, 9:30 am

Stuti N.

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An Indie Taiwanese hacker has claimed that he will live broadcast an attempt to wipe out Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page coming Sunday.

Chang Chi-yuan, who scrabble out software flaws in return for cash, said he will live stream an attempt to delete Zuckerberg’s account at around 6 pm local time live from his Facebook page. “Broadcasting an attempt of deleting the Facebook founder’s account, the youngster who turns 24 based on his past interviews told his 26,000 Facebook followers this week”.

Chang a minor celebrity who has gone on talk shows to discuss his exploits was reportedly sued by local bus operator for infiltrating their system. None of them were individually verified which includes an attack on ‘Apple Inc.’, ‘Tesla Inc.’

His Facebook account was listed among eight ‘special contributors’ in 2016 Bug Hunters, Hall of Fame. The Social media is already under the gun on a host of issues from privacy to its handling of election interference and hate speech cannot afford any trouble regarding cybersecurity.

“I don’t want to be a proper hacker and I don’t even want to be a hacker at all”, Chang said “ I am just bored so I do this to earn some money”, he added.

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