Microsoft supporting Robot Operating System in Windows 10

Microsoft Robot Operating System

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Windows has always been trusted for Robotics and the other industries worldwide and it’s been decades. Now with Robotics Operating System (ROS) for Windows, the developers can use the familiar Visual Studio Toolset with rich Artificial Intelligence and cloud features.

Windows want to bring the advanced intelligent edge to the robotics by introducing some great features like hardware: Accelerated Windows Machine learning, Computer vision, Azure Cognitive Services and other Microsoft technologies to every corner of the world, whether it’s commercial, industrial, robotics industry or home.

The entire Robots manufacturer wants to design Robot in a way so that they become aware of the surroundings they are in. We all know how nowadays people are fascinated by these advanced Robots as they complement their work and day to day life. There are a lot many warehouse robots enabled next day deliveries to online shoppers.

Around the world Government, manufacturers and even the academics want to and are investing in the next generation manufacturing, which is also referred to as Industry 4.0.

Microsoft is now working with Open Robotics and ROS Industrial Consortium to bring the Robot Operating System to Windows.

ROS Industry which is now joined by Microsoft missions to extend the advanced capabilities of ROS to improve and manufacture the productivity on the return investment of Industrial Robot.

ROS simulation environment running in Azure will be showcased by Microsoft and shortly will host the Windows build for ROS1 and ROS2 with documentation, development and deployment solutions for Windows.

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Microsoft supporting Robot Operating System in Windows 10