A close look at the upcoming BMW 3 Series G20-M Sport and Sportline

Oct 1, 2018, 12:15 pm

Stuti N.

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The expected new 2019 BMW 3 Series G20 just leaked!

Some Exclusive features are mentioned as follows:

BMW 330i M Sport: This model is available in different colours like Dravit grey , Tansanit Blue 2 and Vermont Bronze with Portimao blue.

BMW M340i: The new headlight looks fabulous with notches cut out at the bottom, slightly bisected two halo lamps which is somewhere like the headlight of E46 3.

New kidney grilles merge in the middle, headlights are also available in laser lights. M sport package has the lower front bumper and air intake feature some design which may upset some traditional fans of BMW.The new taillight looks supern as bacause the taillight is red and the turn signal is clear there is still a great classification between the two.

There is a revolutionary change done inside keeping aside its manual handbrake that BMW always had though it’s competitors switching to electronic parking brakes.Other interior follows its newest edition BMWX and 8 series. It gets a kind of waterfall effect from the new iDrive screen down to the center console, trimmed aluminum or wood, totally depends on what the customer selects.

The trim continues the climate controls and across the dash.The sharp and stylish design looks far better than the current model F30’s.The climate control looks stylish with aluminum buttons and aluminum rollers for the air vents.

These sharp look gives 3 series very high-tech feel and more when combined with the new digital instrument panel and dubbed BMW live Cockpit.

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