LG 4K HDR Monitor 32UK550B, the cheapest monitor to release soon

LG 4K HDR Monitors

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A new gaming based LG desktop monitor has been released from the house of LG adding a new feather to its range of budget monitors with a 4k resolution. The LG 4K HDR monitor, 32UK550-B with a 3,840x 2160 resolution has a host of new features up its sleeves. It supports FreeSynch tech at 60 Hz, besides supporting HDR 10 and covering 95 percent of the DCI-p3 range of colors.

This factory calibrated piece which is currently available only in Japan will be available for US$ 500, half of what you spend for IPS display based monitors (Reference-32UD99-W 32-inch 4K IPS monitor is placed at a price of $1,000).

LG MonitorThe viewing angles would thus not be great as the display is based on VA and not IPS.

For average use, the monitor is just fine, however not meeting DispalyHDR’s basic brightness norms being at just 300 nits. This piece of sheer excellence matches up with another mighty competitor, Benq EW3270U which is a 4k monitor in the same range with similar specifications. The LG monitor will also be available in North America and Europe besides Japan. It will be launched in Japan on the 11th of October for the ¥55000 or US$ 485 mark.

Source: LG

LG 4K HDR Monitor 32UK550B, the cheapest monitor to release soon