Paytm app brings classifier SMSes feature for automatic spam filter

Oct 1, 2018, 9:45 am

Stuti N.

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Paytm announced its new launch of their Spam proof SMS feature as a part of Paytm Inbox. SMS categorization is done locally on devices by Paytm app after giving a direct consent to avail the service.

Paytm launched this ‘Paytm Inbox’ feature last year so that it allows the customers to exchange videos, messages, and images with the seller other than just financial transactions.

The Paytm spam proof SMS Inbox use proprietary Machine Learning algorithms to distinct Personal, Transactional and Promotional categories and offers well-arranged services. After you activate the app, it will inform you about the distinctions of SMS categories and their utilization value. You will also be provided with an option of deleting threads, classify Paytm SMS or mark them as read/unread.

As a technology company, we want to offer convenient solution to this problem and excited to announce the launch of the spam-proof ‘SMS Inbox’ ,while filtering spam and categorizing SMS, it brings a lot of features that would add value to the lives of our users. – Deepak Abbot, senior vice president at Paytm

This itself updates your data inputs and customize the pattern to provide their user with a better experience.

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