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Xiaomi TwentySeventeen, the classic Mechanical timepiece launched at $72 in China

Oct 1, 2018, 9:00 am

Xiaomi TwentySeventeen Light Mechanical wristwatch has been released under the Youpin platform and can be bought by the enthusiasts only via the Xiaomi Youpin platform in China for a slightly upward price of 499 yuan which translates to around US$ 72.

Like those automatic watches, Xiaomi’s TwentySeventeen wristwatch is fully mechanical and shall use the kinetic energy to run and hence the machine will be long-lasting because there is no battery that may corrode and decrease the lifespan of the watch. Thus it doesn’t require a rewinding, but if left for long it might need to be adjusted to provide the initial kinetic energy to function again.

Xiaomi Wristwatch

Since it is to last for a lifetime it uses a tough leather calfskin for the belt that is not prone to sweat and can be replaced easily if and when needed. The glass case lens has a special blue coating to serve antiglare functions and prevent fingerprints on the case. It is made of a hard sapphire glass which is strong and durable. There are cut out areas for the date.

The crown is that which provides the mechanical look mostly to the watch with its gear-type designs and a back cover which is see-through giving it a classic look. Xiaomi light mechanical wristwatch manufactured by the Shenzhen Micro-intelligence Co. Ltd for Xiaomi will be available in white and black for the dial and straps and comes with the best of quality including a waterproofing up to 5ATM making it rainproof and wash proof.

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