If you want to make money writing articles, here is a list of platforms where you can register quickly and easily and start working almost immediately as a content editor. EssayShark is one of them where one can make money by writing

In most of them, you pay very little and you would have to work many hours to get to live from it, but it is a way to start entering the world of copywriting and gain experience while making some money.

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Below are some Sites that will Pay You to Write Articles Online


It is a platform aimed at bloggers who want to find sponsored posts for their own blogs. That meaning a company will pay you to appear in an article of your blog.

In addition, you can also register as an editor and earn money for each article that you are commissioned to do. You put the price per word that goes from 0.01 to 0.10 €. The lower the price you put, the more chances you will receive more orders. It is important to start at a low price so that you get to know each other.

To register on this site you must register as an Editor, and once in your affiliate panel, select the part that puts editors, in the menu on the right.


It is a portal specialized in freelance copywriters, where you can register to find jobs for you or receive offers from other companies that are interested in a profile like yours to write articles on their web portals.

The system works through an online platform that alerts you to the articles you have to write (depending on the topics you have registered). Each article is assigned the price and the number of words it must contain, as well as the characteristics it must have (style, keywords, etc.). They assign you a time, which varies depending on the length of the article. And ready! You only have to do one thing: worry about writing.


You register on their website, send a text of about 120 test words, and give yourself a grade. Depending on that rating, which ranges from 2 to 5 stars, you will have a price per word assigned, which can range from 0.70 cents to 4 cents per word.

In Textbroker authors can freely decide the category and type of text they want to write, as well as when and how often. You will no longer have to look for clients since it is us who are in charge of finding them for you. In addition, the payment for each text is done quickly and safely. Become the author of Textbroker


On this page, you can write what you want and you will always be paid 50% of the benefits that your article gets for advertising.


A platform for travelers to upload their travel experiences and also pay according to the visits that your article has. It has an approximate income of between € 1 and € 5 per 1,000 visits. They pay you 50% of the benefits they generate.


If you like to write, you want to work as a blogger or editor for a magazine, here we bring another one of the web portals that you can use to earn money writing. An option that allows you to work from home, traveling, or wherever you want.

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