Industry insights: How apps are changing the casino sector

Oct 2, 2018, 11:54 am
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It’s fair to say the evolution of app-based technology has transformed the world we live in. The ability to download a vast array of tools onto our smartphones and carry them with us wherever we go has changed the way we perform even the most basic day-to-day tasks, from shopping to exercising, tracking our finances, keeping in touch with friends, and even dating.

Like many other industries in existence, the casino sector has been hugely affected. Once the preserve of great bricks-and-mortar gambling dens, gaming has found its way onto our devices too, so we can now play anywhere and everywhere. This has not only changed the way we gamble but its reach and audience as well.

A mass appeal

Gambling has always held a great and untrammeled appeal amongst those with a flair for risk-taking, but in years gone by, the industry was largely supported by the wealthy and the moneyed – primarily, those who had the necessary capital and sufficient leisure time to spend their days in high-class casinos. Like many industries, however, its audience has expanded along with the creation of apps, thanks to its newfound accessibility. This has helped open it up to a whole new audience, leading the way for many other sectors to do the same.

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Increased availability

The beauty of apps is they give us the opportunity to access their tools and technology anywhere and everywhere, and casino downloads are no exception. Offering gamers the chance to play any time they like, they can be used to fill a lackluster lunch hour, to make a daily commute more exciting, or to provide some after-dinner entertainment without ever leaving the house. This has helped to hugely increase their appeal, creating an ever-growing market for providers to tap into.

Growing competitiveness

Apps have many benefits for consumers and providers alike, and one of these is to increase industry competitiveness. The more people there are playing, and the more apps on the market, the more important it is for the latter to remain competitive. This has created a surge in offers and promotions, and you only have to look here to see how attractive the many bonuses out there have become. The same trend can be seen in numerous other industries, with new tech providing plenty of novel marketing opportunities for savvy ventures.

Technological advancements

The increasing number of apps on the market has been a catalyst for many positive consequences within the gambling industry, and one of these is the concurrent advancements in other forms of tech. VR and live videos are prime examples, with both being used to create a gaming experience with all the perks of playing from home, but the genuine excitement of a bona fide casino visit. The success of these has paved the way for further experimentation, with regards to everything from payment methods to the types of play available. It’s innovative, exciting, and can only be a good thing for the industry.

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With the ongoing effect of apps continuing to develop apace, we look forward to seeing what this clever tech will do next.

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