Hackers did not use accounts to log in to third-party apps through its Facebook Login offering

Oct 3, 2018, 4:45 am

Moupiya D.

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On Tuesday afternoon Facebook announced that hackers who breached the social-media company’s network took control of as many as 50 million user accounts. It did not use those accounts to log in to third-party apps through its Facebook Login offering.

As announced last week by Facebook about its worst security breach, the hackers could have used the access tokens they had purloined to sign in as those users on other apps used Facebook accounts to identify users, such as mobile games, but the damage might not be as extensive as some expected.

logs for all third-party apps installed or logged during the attack we discovered last week. He adds that investigation has so far found no evidence that the attackers accessed any apps using Facebook Login. – Rosen, VP of Product Management

Since the breach announced, Facebook’s stock fell 1.9% Tuesday and has slumped 5.5% in total in the three sessions.
The data protection commission says that the breach has hit 5 million European Facebook accounts which might make Facebook liable for up to $1.63 billion in fines if the EU concludes that it didn’t do enough to protect the security of its users.

Facebook Login UpdateWell, in India considering the Facebook breach issue, the Ministry of Electronics and IT has also asked Facebook to quantify the impact on its users in the country after hackers breached as many as 50 million accounts of the social network and third-party apps linked to those accounts.

Facebook do realize that this has been a serious issue and so they worked fast to protect the security of people’s accounts and investigate what happened. They announced that they have fixed the issue and hence takes on resetting the access tokens for a total of 90 million accounts.

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