Lucy Koh The U.S. District Judge, in San Jose, California has rejected most of the seven claims made against Tesla but took two of them in consideration that paved the way for the plaintiff to seek documents and witnesses to build their case.

Tesla is under immense pressure to get profit their way after their ex-chairman Elon Musk stepped down to settle down allegations regulators and other misled investors.

It’s been long since Tesla is in trouble for safety complaints brought by the workers and all the allegations that are already declined by Tesla.

Workers also said that “ there was a lot of pressure to deliver vehicles quickly” They also alleged that the foreign workers were also given threats regarding deportation or reduced pay if they reported any injuries or illness.

We have improved our supplier’s contracts and have better are bad behavior. – Tesla

“Generous reading of the At Times Incomprehensible “, and added that the allegations against Tesla and Eisenmann were “uncharacteristically specific,”. Also denied a motion to dismiss for two Tesla Subcontractors, Eisenmann corp and ISM Vuzem because they operated at the same, and she rejected arguments that Tesla and Eisenmann were not liable.

The alleged violations dismissed by her are False claim Act, Fair Labor Standards Act and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act at RICO.