Fidgeting with ride-sharing apps during busy hours is not fair enough. Google Assistant can now help in an easier way. Google is continually expanding the functionality of Google Assistant and today the company has announced a number of new features for Assistant that will help users look at rideshare pricing quickly and easily, though the actual booking of the service still not be available.

Now with the new functionality, you can ask your Google Assistant to book you a ride somewhere and it will bring up a list of popular ride-sharing services to select from. Popular services that might show up include the likes of Uber, Lyft, Grab, Go-Jek, Ola, and more. If you prefer to use one service over another, you can simply ask Google to “book an Uber ride” to your destination, and you’ll only be given pricing and wait times for that service.

Once you get the list of rideshare services your phone will pop-up a list of available options including price and how far away the next driver may be. Tapping on an option will take you right into Uber or Lyft to show you pricing and exact wait times for drivers.

At first, the new feature will only be available in English in any country where the supported ridesharing services are available. Google says it will expand the service to other languages in the near future.

It seems that the new feature will be helpful for those who want to find a service with the shortest wait time or the lowest price. A feature like this will come in handy especially during time crunch or you’d have to open up multiple apps and manually search for your destination which could take a while.

Google has been lately launching a whole lot of updates and it seems that it is unlikely to stop anytime soon.