This Halloween, Fortnite will keep the excitement up with the new Spooky skins

Oct 5, 2018, 6:30 am

Stuti N.

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This Halloween, Fortnite is launching its much-awaited Fortnite Skins Darkness Rises theme Season 6, there would be some newly added cosmetics theme too. The newly made back bling, gliders, skins, and pickaxes got leaked ahead of a Halloween event.

The first look of Skins Hay Man (male), Straw Ops (female), Hay Nest and Birdhovel back bling, Dark Glyph and Field Wraith gliders, Thunder Crash and Harvester pickaxes is available on FNBRLeaks Twitter accounts. You can also get to see the look of T-Pose which goes especially well with the Hay Man Skins.

Still, now there is no announcement made regarding Epic at any of Halloween events yet. It’s not yet confirmed if we will get these new Halloween themed cosmetics or those will be just sold as other specific challenges like some birthday event item which was released this summer.

No matter what these will be a big part of new Fortnite Season 6 Skins, which would also include some monster theme, one like the Dire Wolf.

For any information or guidance you can go through the challenge guide.

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