Be it your household requirements or commercial need, GPS tracking technology is preferred by almost every second entity. In recent times, security is considered to be one of the major concerns of the people. And that is the reason why a majority of people utilize some advanced mobile tracking applications such as GPS tracking to preserve their valuables. Apart from providing tight security to your kids in your absence, this GPS fleet tracking software is widely utilized by business proprietors.

No matter if you operate a small-scale retail outlet or you are the Chief Executive Officer of a multi-national company, GPS tracking is the only possible and practical way that can aid you to safeguard your valuables, assets, vehicles, and other essentials of your firm. So are you looking out for the top-notch GPS tracking software out there? Welcome! We’ve come up with global GPS tracking solutions offered by GPSWOX fleet tracking. Here’s the brief of what you could avail from their exclusive services provided at competitive rates:

Benefits of GPSWOX Fleet Tracking and Management

GPS tracking is perhaps must-buy software. Whether you want to safeguard the heavy equipment of the firm or you simply want to preserve your vehicles, this particular software is worth buying. Here’s what all you can avail from it:

Management of your assets

GPSWOX fleet tracking is mainly utilized to trace and handle any specific object on your laptop and mobile. It can thus manage your motorcycle, car, truck, taxi, construction equipment, heavy-duty, cargo, bus, and the list goes on.

Lower insurance costs

Apart from protecting your vehicles from unpredictable theft and recovery of the same, this software boosts your chances of seeking discounts on Insurance Premium. Several Insurance providers allow 5%-12% rate reduction for automobiles possessing GPS tracking software.

Lower the risk of unauthorized usage

Often, your staff members and employees use your vehicle for non-corporate driving purposes. Of course, you wouldn’t like your assets being utilized for unnecessary reasons, do you? Using this software, you can keep the vehicles safe from unauthorized use.

Why Choose GPSWOX Fleet Tracking solutions?

1. Appropriate for almost every sort of business: Be it your cargo, car rental, taxi, healthcare, bulky tools and equipment, law enforcement, mobile phones, and more, this amazing software has proven to be useful enough in tracking and managing any form of organization.

2. Customization and branding potential: The software is capable of providing you with branding and customization facilities. Once ordered, it would be delivered within 24 hours to your doorstep.

3. Compatible with any GPS tracker and sensor: As per the claim of GPSWOX Company, the software’s compatibility is tested with over 600 GPS trackers, and moreover, the GPS tracking software supports multiple sensors.

4. Software supports 20+ languages: Apart from being the best choice for every sort of business, GPSWOX amazingly works in almost every country. The software comes with translation for 20+ languages.

5. Perfect reports, alerts, and traits: From offering geofencing notifications, appropriate reports, and fuel monitoring, to granting driving behavior, this particular software has the potential to cater to your entire security-based requirements.

6. API access: Users are entitled to design 3rd party apps opting for their easy-to-use API documentation. They can also integrate third-party gateway, i.e., PayPal, and receive payment from the customers based in diverse corners of the globe.

7. Quick support through mail and Skype: GPSWOX solutions provide 24/7 support services to its customers. And the users that have already purchased their software could avail themselves of their technical assistance through the help desk.

GPSWOX offers white label GPS tracking software improved with the most powerful features! Start tracking your business and view your companies tracking objects travel speed, petrol consumption in real-time on your mobile/computer or tablet.

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