Lifehacks for a newbie mobile app developer

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We live in a time of breakthrough inventions. Whether it be self-driven cars or smartphones, everything serves the purpose of delivering convenience to the masses. One invention heavily linked with smartphones is apps.

Snapchat. Candy Crush. Google Maps. Now, different apps are available for different facets of life. You might not realize it, but you use multiple apps throughout the day. According to TechCrunch average, people use 9 apps at least daily. According to stats, the number of app downloads would increase to 258.2 billion by 2022. As of 2012, the value is 178.1 billion. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that from a business point of view, app development is a lucrative market today as well as for the future.

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For those of you who think app development is a piece of cake, you are in for a rude awakening. Apps like AirG spam are very complex and require immense skills to be developed. Even the simplest of apps are marked by complexities. Becoming a successful mobile app developer can surely be a long journey. Are you a newbie developer wishing to make it big? Here are some helpful tips that might assist you.

1. Be aware of recent trends

Recent Trends

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One common observation regarding millennials is that their consumption patterns fluctuate a lot. Just because you observed a trend a year ago, doesn’t mean it will still be applicable today. In the world of app development, staying ahead of the curve by satisfying the latest demand of consumers is important. Therefore, make sure you keep up with the latest trends. Research your target market well before developing an app for them.

2. Conduct market research

A general rule of new product development is that one must conduct market research. This allows you to learn about industry trends as well as the competition. It also tells you whether your app will make it big or not. For example, let’s say you come up with an excellent idea for an app. It is helpful and entertaining at the same time.

However, when you conduct market research, you find that similar apps have failed. Or, maybe the apps with similar features are already present in the market. Both of these insights mean one thing it is not profitable to invest your energy in developing the app. While you may be tempted to surpass the research part. We will advise you not to do so.

3. Use available page templates

No rule states that you must do everything from scratch. As a newbie developer, there is nothing wrong with getting a little help. Yes, professional developers might develop all aspects of the app on their own. However, as a beginner, you can use page templates to make your life easier. Search for different customizable page templates and select one which appears to be the most attractive. Also, keep tabs on the money you spend on the template (if any). Don’t burden yourself by trying to do it all single-handedly. Focus on the aspects of the app that are crucial.

4. Choose the platform carefully

Do you want to make your app available on both iOS and Android? If you are starting out, we advise you against it. Developing an app on the two platforms is starkly different from one another. Instead, if you decide to choose both, you must be ready for doing twice the amount of work. Rather than trying to please all, it is better to stick with one platform.

How do you choose this platform? There’s no hard and fast rule regarding it. This decision depends on you. Those of you who are interested in gaining revenue from the get-go, iOS will be perfect for you. Due to the prevailing piracy on Android, it can be hard for a new app to make money on it. But, if you wish to gain more recognition about your app and earn from ads instead, Android might do the trick.

5. Test it before launch

Testing App

It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or a professional, you should never overestimate your skills and launch an app without testing. Even after all your market and consumer research, you can never really be certain if your app truly satisfies customers. The testing phase gives you the opportunity to learn about possible bugs and issues with the app. It is much cheaper to fix such issues during this phase than after the launch.

6. An intuitive app is a target

Intuitive App

As a newbie developer, it is easy to get too absorbed in the technicality of it all. You might end up creating an app that is too complex. It doesn’t matter who your target audience is, an app should never be too complicated.

In the fast-paced lives of today, no one has time to spare on understanding how an app works. So, don’t forget to make the app as intuitive as possible. Make it simple enough to be easily understood by senior citizens. That is when you know that you have developed a quality app.

7. Strive for good enough, not perfection

One of the reasons newbie app developers spend too much time developing an app is because they want to get it perfect. While this commitment to the work should be applauded, it also means that your app launch might be delayed. And delays in today’s world mean that someone else will get there first. Instead of perfecting your app to the tee, strive for creating a “good enough” app that does the trick. You can perfect the minute details later on.


Adopt these lifehacks if you wish to compete with other app developers. Just because you are a newbie doesn’t mean your app won’t be great. Believe in yourself and your skills. Meanwhile, try to follow these tips. Once you do so, nothing is stopping you from making it big.

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