Alphabet to shut down its failed social site Google+ after users’ data breach

Oct 9, 2018, 7:15 am

Stuti N.

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Alphabet’s Inc. Google will now shut down consumer version of their own social network Google+ after 5 lakh users’ data breached.

It has discovered and patched the leak in March of this year and had no evidence of misuse of user data or that any developer was aware or had exploited the vulnerability. – Google

It was also reported that Google opted not to disclose the security issue as they fear the regulatory scrutiny, with citing all unnamed sources and internal documents prepared by legal policy staff for senior executives of Google.

Google also had fears of being compared to Facebook Inc’s leak of user information to data firm Cambridge Analytica.

None of the the thresholds it requires to disclose a breach were met after reviewing the type of data involved whether it could identify the users to inform establish any evidence of misuse. Whether these evidence of misuse whether there were any actions a developer or user could take to protect themselves. – Google

Users have the right to be informed or notified if their information could have been compromised, this is a direct result of scrutiny that Facebook dealt with regarding the Cambridge Analytica scandal- said Jacob Lehmann the managing director at legal firm Friedman CyZen.

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