Complete Design of the Lenovo Foldable Smartphone Reveals

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The end of 2018 is in sight. If Samsung and Huawei keep their promises, we should take a look at the first foldable smartphone for consumers around this time. Meanwhile, it is also known that LG is planning to compete for the title but also Lenovo wants to try. Recently, a 10-second video leaked from the advanced Lenovo smartphone reveal the design. The design below shows the smartphone in different positions. The images are taken from a recent patent application by Lenovo on September 25 at the Chinese patent office SIPO.

Lenovo’s foldable phone

Although the video shows the flexing of the flexible Lenovo phone, these sketches give a view of the entire design. There is a flexible display that bends to the outside, to take a shape of a bracelet. Furthermore, we see quite large bezels at the top and bottom but also at the sides the edges are thicker than what is common now. The sketches also show that the device has a single camera with flash on the back and a front camera with a speaker next to it.

Those who pay close attention to the video have not failed to notice the number of calories. The same statement about the number of calories is included in the sketches. The lower part of the screen shows a different interface with consumed calories when bending. This suggests that the device can be used in combination with sports.

Lenovo Cplus

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The manufacturer has let the consumer long for the foldable model. As early as 2016, Lenovo has shown prototypes of the foldable smartphone, called the Cplus. The Cplus was shown during an event, but it was a dummy. The foldable phone that was shown during the event could be worn around the arm, like a bracelet. This is a video of this event.

Last year Lenovo showed the device again during the TechWorld Conference in Shanghai. Then it appeared that the device was equipped with a 4.35-inch screen. At the event, Lenovo indicated that it was not yet ready for release. It would take several years before it would be available to consumers. We are now one year further and Lenovo has probably shown the device again at the Techworld conference, but this time a better version. This is the video that matters.

Whether we can expect this device soon? No one who knows for sure at the moment. As expected, Lenovo is not sure and it is still unknown which manufacturer the first foldable smartphone.

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