The latest pixel 3 camera has its addition with several AI-powered features. The camera which is the main focus of this year Made by Google flagships has been redesigned with tabs so that users can swipe between the various modes for quicker access. Now, the Google Pixel 3 Camera app which is among the best camera apps is available for download.

The redesign has come up with new features and new downloads, though all features are not yet available. The main Camera view is Portrait and Panorama, while Video is to the right. The other features like navigation drawer, including Photo Sphere, Slow Motion, and Lens, while a button to open Settings is also here.

The new camera app is so quick that by opening the app and pointing your phone at an object will surface various actions you can take. For example, Lens will identify an email in a business card and pop up a suggestion pill at the bottom of the screen to open Gmail and compose a message with that address already populated.

Features like Top Shot helps Google to take frames before and after you press the shutter button. Similar in principle to Motion Photos, machine learning is leveraged to select the best shots that feature smiles, open eyes, and when subjects are looking at the camera. The AI works magically as it can reduce the unimportant part of the photo by 3-megapixels, while the most important are preserved with HDR+ colors. Hence providing visual clarity to the photos.

To focus; the main difference is the updated UI. There have been certain changes in the functioning of the app as the slide-out side menu has been removed, the different camera modes are now accessible by swiping from left to right, and finally, Google Camera now supports RAW images.

Other updates like the Night Sight that allows Pixel to take a picture without a flash and Motion Auto Focus that helps to keep track of the in-motion objects are also the latest updates that the users would definitely want to shuffle on. To get the available new updates to download the Google Camera app now.