The hottest digital marketing jobs and careers will benefit those people who have figured out how to create digital experiences that people want to interact with. Knowledge is the key. There is an old saying that those who really succeed are the ones who understand their “own season and time.” This equates to an exact knowledge of present and future trends, and how to leverage technology in the most effective way.

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What those who will master future digital marketing?

1. Digital marketing will continue to be both an art and a science. Marketing will continue to rely on, more and more, on the ability to collect and analyze data about when, where, and how consumers spend their time in the world. Understanding consumer behavior is the only means of driving messaging that resonated with customers. It will continue to be all about tapping into a customer’s emotional intelligence.

Future Digital Marketing

2. Digital marketing of the future requires an understanding that marketing is an ecosystem. There will never be any two customers that will follow the same path to conversion. There are numerous ways in which customers can arrive at a buying decision. Customers move back and forth and will completely skip steps in between.

As such, there is no such thing any longer as a traditional sales funnel. Digital marketing individuals, at every level, must have knowledge of where customers are at any moment with respect to offline or online interactions.

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Consider the top 5 digital marketing jobs of the future:

1. IoT Marketing Strategist: This job requires a background in engineering and telecommunications. By 2020, experts expect the number of connected devices to reach nearly 8.5 billion. The digital marketing specialist and IoT marketing specialist will also have a handle on content development, creative design, app development, Web analytics, and all things pertaining to a Web application firewall and Internet security. Security will always be a critical component.

2. eCommerce Marketing and Management: This falls under the umbrella of information, technology, business, and marketing. This type of career suits anyone with a talent for gathering and analyzing data.

3. Bot Developer: Bots, virtual assistants, involve at least 20 percent of consumer interactions. That number is only expected to increase. Individuals in this field will have a computer science degree, programming, linguistics, and engineering skills at the highest levels.

4. Chief Experience Officer: This is a growing field. By 2020, as many as 40 percents of digital offices will report to a CXO. Individuals in this position should have strong skills in creative management and computer skills.

5. Mixed-Reality Designer: This is the perfect field for those individuals with a passion for emerging technologies, and virtual and augmented realities. Their skills should include computer animation, social and cognitive psychology, graphic design, and exceptional storytelling abilities.

Shifting business models

Business models will always shift. Anyone in the digital marketing field will have to keep a close eye on trends. Another part of the job is keeping the company’s safe from cyber attacks with the help of a web application firewall and other safeguards. Many jobs that were experimental only a few years ago are now considered mainstream and indispensable.

Career paths can take an unexpected turn at any juncture. Companies across the board must now consider how to re-calibrate to bring on new talent for the next generation of marketers.

The advancement of technology and the advent of globalization have accelerated the pace of change. Personalization technologies are coming into their own. Geo-targeting for many marketers was just the start.

Digital marketing careers of tomorrow will center around building statistical models that will deliver insights into the products that customers want and need, and how marketers can best serve their customers. Marketers should continue to hone future digital marketing skills and keep their resumes dusted off. The future waits for no one.