Canon filed a patent with WIPO on March 26, 2018, entitled ‘Image Capturing apparatus and image capturing control method’, which was published on October 4, 2018. It is a spherical camera system, consisting of multiple cameras with 360-degree images. The eight cameras (one at the top and bottom and six distributed over the center axis) are connected to each other.

Canon camera with eight zoom lenses

Normally you deal with stitching (seams) when images from multiple cameras are combined into one large image. Although manufacturers like to claim differently, in practice you often see a seam running through the photo, where the images are joined together. Canon has come up with a solution for this. The eight advanced cameras can zoom in and out individually. These are configured in such a way so that the images overlap perfectly.

In fact, it comes down to the fact that only two cameras are needed to record an almost 360-degree image. The other six cameras mainly serve to ensure that the stitching process runs smoothly. The images can then be combined into one image using the software. It goes without saying that an optical image stabilization system is also installed.

Camera with Adjustable TripodAs soon as the camera system is switched off again, the eight lens caps will close automatically, so that they remain protected against external influences. The on/off switch is positioned at the top of the device. The release button can also be found here, as well as two zoom buttons, with which one or more cameras can be controlled at the same time. It is also possible to operate the system remotely via a computer or smartphone.

The patented Canon 360 degree camera stands on three built-in tripod legs, which can be individually adjusted, both in length and angle, as desired. In addition, three movable lighting units are installed on the camera system. The battery compartment is located in the lower part of the camera.

Canon 360 degree camera

360-degree cameras and action cameras have become increasingly popular over the years, and for the coming years, growth is expected in the 360-degree camera market. This growth is largely determined by the film industry, but even for professional use, there are many applications to come up with. Consider, for example, the increasing number of virtual reality productions.

Canon 360 Degree CameraNevertheless, the advanced 360-degree cameras from reputable photo manufacturers are still limited, especially when you compare this with the number of consumer cameras that can record 360˚ images. Nokia introduced the Ozo 360-degree camera in 2015, designed for filmmakers to make VR productions. The GoPro Odyssey is also a professional 360-degree camera, specially designed for Google Jump and YouTube 360 services. There are some examples of omnidirectional cameras, such as the Facebook Surround 360, the Lytro Immerge or the Jaunt One.

However, Canon has been known for its high-quality images for years. When Canon introduces a professional 360-degree camera, it will undoubtedly be greatly speculated about.

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