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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 landed in Bluetooth problems

Oct 11, 2018, 6:30 am

As we all know Bluetooth connectivity problem has always been an issue with Samsung Phones now for a very long time. Back in November last year after Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was launched, the Bluetooth connectivity issue came in the spotlight and yet again the issue is shooting up with Note 9.

The biggest problem related to Samsung widely is Bluetooth Connectivity as the users face big time problem in connecting their phone to car’s head unit or with their headphones or the smartwatches.

My Note 9 is having problem pairing with my car Bluetooth, once paired it got connected for a call audio but not media audio, i tried reconnecting and the same issue comes up. I deleted my phone from my car Bluetooth and reconnected but still the same issue. After a few more attempts, the phone even struggled to stay connected even for a audio call. I thought these bluetooth connectivity issues were already addressed since they were reported by Note 8 and Galaxy S9 user. – User stated

Though all the new devices face problems when launched in the market, this Bluetooth problem is something Samsung needs to take care of.

Making the fastest device with all updated technology is never enough, you need to have customer’s full support and acceptance with a great reputation and consumer trust.

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