iPhones to soon combat spam calls and other types of nuisance callers

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Spam calls are a pain for every mobile user. And Apple finally decides to provide some relief to its customers from spam calls by automatically recognizing a fake call and warning users accordingly.

As spotted by Apple Insider, the Company apparently filed a patent called “Detection of spoofed call information” that would enable an iPhone to check whether a call is legitimate. Once a call has been identified the phone would automatically either display a warning to the user or prevent call alerts, such as ringing and vibration.

Well, in comparison to Google phones, Apple is way back in spam call blocking. Pixel phones already do their best to flag spam calls as soon as they come in. Apple’s system is not what Google’s call-screening service provides but it works far ahead than what iPhone users currently have.

To identify a spammed or spoofed call, iPhones would check against established, legitimate call parameters in order to determine the validity of a call that’s being connected. The phone would analyze the information being sent over the call, including network equipment identifiers, server identifiers and more.

At a time when spoofed calls are a real disturbance, such a feature would be indeed useful for the iPhone users. Let the future phones hit in.

iPhones to soon combat spam calls and other types of nuisance callers