The passion for the game which was at its peak during 2016 all over the world has now decreased but still, the game has strong followers as it is continuously adding new features.

The latest Pokemon Go comes modified with AR+ mode on the Android and takes of ARCore for a more realistic experience. This game has helped to popularize the concept of augmented reality by turning on the rear camera to catch the Pokemon.

Being supported by AR+ mode, Pokemon will be displayed to a fixed point in the real world. Players can walk towards the Pokemon and that is when the sensor starts and turns on to check the proximate distance and the speed you are walking with, this gives you bonus points. But at times Pokemon disappears out fear of your high speed.

As you walk up to a Pokemon it scales in size and will notice your movement! Get up close before you throw your Pokeball to make the Pokemon easier to catch, and even earn an Expert Handler bonus! Or you can tap the camera icon to take a photo of your subject in the environment around you. As Stated

As AR + add a sense of realism to the game which could also mean potentially more dangerous as you will walk with less care for footings, so look before you catch. AR+ requires the ARCore supported device which runs on Android 7.0 Nougat or above.

Devices including Google Pixel, Google Pixel 2, Samsung and flagship devices of LG supports this augmented reality platform.