Most marketers, when asked how to increase website traffic, come up with the most popular answer – focusing more on SEO. However, there are other efficient ways that you can deploy to increase the website traffic. One of the less used but highly effective and recommended techniques that can boost your website traffic is e-mail marketing.

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When implemented in the right way, e-mail marketing can fetch you just as much profit as any other highly suggested tactic of increasing traffic. So, let’s first define what exactly is e-mail marketing in the current digital marketing scenario and how can it be effectively used?

What is e-mail marketing?

A successful e-mail marketing campaign is the process of using emails to develop a relationship with your potential customers by highlighting the benefits and gains of your products or services. Now, what makes e-mail marketing a highly recommended marketing activity is the fact that e-mails can be very personal in nature and people love being addressed as individuals.

With e-mail marketing, you can amend your tone of speech so that the reader feels that he/she is being valued as a customer. This is how you can convert people into leads for your business. While it generates leads, in the long run, it also brings traffic to your website and builds brand awareness as well.

What seems like a simple task of drafting an e-mail and clicking the send button can act as an excellent strategy for your business, given that you consider the nitty-gritties of drafting a proper e-mail. There are some ways on how you can increase traffic through email marketing.

Use other social media platforms to gather subscribers

The primal step you need to consider prior beginning your e-mail marketing campaign is to have a handful of people who might be interested in your business. It doesn’t matter if it’s a product-based business or service-based business.

Email Subscriber

The primary challenge you come across while starting an e-mail marketing campaign is getting hands-on e-mail IDs of your potential customers. However, today with channels, like social media it has made this task a little easier for marketing professionals. However, you need to make sure that you have a proper strategy in place to run a rigorous marketing campaign to reach your goal.

Leveraging social media for gaining people’s e-mail ID might sound easy, but when it comes to reality, it’s not. You have to invest quality time, research, and run through thousands of profiles to intuitively pick people who might be interested in your business. Once you do that, you can collect their e-mail address by running campaigns, quizzes, polls, and various other strategies. Besides these social media platforms, you can even make use of blogs to collect e-mail IDs of the audience. Posting informative and useful content on forums and linking them to your website can help you get more people to your website.

Frame scannable e-mails

We all know how valuable time is to everyone in the current age. This is why people, typically, read the first two sentences and try to make out the worth of an e-mail. Thus, make sure to craft an e-mail that is crisp, concise, and to the point. Keep it short and useful, so that the reader doesn’t have to spend too much time on it, while at the same time conveying your message that convinces them to become a potential customer. Try including images as well, to garner more interest into it.

Be mobile-friendly

Mobile Emails

Majority of the people check their e-mails on their smartphones today. If you want to make sure that each e-mail you send is read, then it is quite crucial that the e-mails are mobile-friendly. It means e-mails should be easily readable even on small screens. This would significantly increase the chances of reaching more readers which, in turn, may provide your conversions in the future.

Personalize your e-mails

As we’ve already discussed, people like being addressed personally. They like receiving custom-made e-mails rather than receiving an automated e-mail targeting thousands of people.

Sure, it would take that extra effort to gather the interests of each potential customer and draft an e-mail that fits each person. However, it definitely pays off since you might see more traffic on your website. This even takes away the chances of your e-mail seeming spammy. For this, diligently categorize your list of recipients. Once you are done with the categorization, it would be easier to draft a set of e-mails, and then to do a little bit of tweaking based on the interests of the readers.

Be responsive to e-mails

It is natural that people would get wary of your services or products initially and would even ask some queries when they try to decide on whether they need to buy the product/service.

Well, that’s good news for you, since it means that people have read your e-mail and have taken them seriously. You can make a lot out of this opportunity. Instead of sending an automated reply, you can draft a manual e-mail addressing their concerns and answering their queries. Try to be prompt and friendly, so, that your potential customer develops trust in you.

Optimize your landing page properly

Since you are putting colossal efforts into e-mail marketing to get people to the landing page, it would make no sense if the landing page is not user-friendly. To make sure that your e-mail marketing doesn’t go out for a toss, you need to optimize the landing page properly. When visitors come to your site and feel disappointed with the loading speed and random designs of the page, then it leads to dissatisfaction and reduction in the traffic. Your investment in a specialist to personalize your landing page won’t go in vain if you are seriously seeking conversion from your e-mail marketing.

Use analytics


It is essential to know where you are going with your e-mail marketing. It all comes down to the click rates, and you ought to know the numbers when so much effort and time is put into it.

Make use of tools, like Google Analytics to track your website traffic and track how e-mail marketing is making a change. If you don’t know how Google Analytics works, you can go through a few YouTube videos uploaded by industry experts that would give you a quick insight into it in no time.

Be organized, be consistent to get there

Eventually, what matters is not just efforts. A lot depends on how you set your long-term goals and how you keep track of what you are doing. Some digital marketers make the mistake of doing ambiguous marketing. Ambiguous marketing is nothing but marketing without being organized or being consistent.

As a committed marketer, you should be very organized, making tangible lists; whether it is a list of potential customers, categories of people you are sending e-mails to, and various other things that can keep you informed and organized. That way, you can go back to the list every time you want to track your progress very easily.

Final Thoughts

Being consistent is a critical factor in this field of marketing. As they say, it is not just about building trust; but also, about maintaining trust. The game would go on only if you wish to keep it going. Be consistent in serving the audience. Once you have established trust in your potential customers converting them as leads should be much easier.

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