Businesses have a number of choices for attracting prospects. And one of them is via the digital channel. According to a popular survey, it was found that around 63% of B2B marketers in North America turn towards content as a key to lead generation. You must know that content marketing is an effective approach these days. But what it is actually?

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Understanding Content Marketing

As the name suggests, content marketing is the form of marketing your business with interesting content online. In other words, you try to sell your products and services through your words. You provide something worth to read through which the readers will become your customers. Content marketing is important because:

Content Marketing
  • It creates user engagement when you derive some solution to their queries through articles, blogs, posts or any other content.
  • It builds an entire brand of your business in front of your audience.
  • It creates awareness with long-lasting effects.
  • It helps in knowing your customers well through feedbacks and reviews in return.

In the case of the mobile app also content plays a very important role and the advantages mentioned here apply for your Android App too. However, one must also focus on the quality of the app along with the essence of its content. Ignoring one of them will create an adverse effect on your business.

If you wish to enter the content marketing world and promote your Android app through it, then you need to follow certain practices. Let’s discuss these practices:

Best Practices of Android App Content Marketing

Create a Content Marketing Strategy First:

The first question that might pop up in your head is when to start? When it comes to an app if you don’t know what it is going to be about exactly then it’s not worth starting with your content marketing.

You must also not wait too long for your app to get build successfully and then start with its content marketing. The right time to start is in between. As soon as you avail of the basic idea about your app, its target audience, and the main purpose; you can start creating a content strategy for its promotion.

Content Marketing Strategy

Prepare a list of channels and mediums through which you are going to share your content. Gather enough relevant content about your service or products in the market.

Understand Your User’s Problems

Well, your main aim of content marketing should be to derive solutions to your user’s problems. And this shall answer your next question- what to write about? Understand their pain points and try to bring in solutions. Your android app should be all about making a difference in their lives and so is the reason for sharing your content.

Create Stellar Content

How to create stellar content? Well, the answer lies in what you are trying to offer. For example, if your app is about gaming and entertainment then your pieces of content should be amusing as well. If your app is about a time managing app then probably your users don’t have much time to read long content and so it should be simple on-point short texts.

If your Android app is about providing recipes, then you can consider adding more photos and videos of it. Whatever be the purpose, remember to speak up their language. This creates awareness for your brand among readers and ultimately they are inclined more towards your business.

Promote Content through Several Channels

There are several channels available for promoting your content. So you need to do some homework here. You can easily find out the domains and channels that are mostly preferred by your audience. You must join these communities and start making your contribution through comments. This is the way to make your presence in the industry.

Promote Content

Alternatively, you can also create your own blogs or websites for sharing content but this also requires some promotion initially. Whichever path you select, remember to share valuable content frequently in order to get noticed. Your content should make a difference in your reader’s lives. You can select channels as mentioned here to promote the content:

  • Blogs or Websites
  • Social Media Groups
  • Newsletters
  • Mobile Apps
  • RSS feeds

Take Help of User-generated Content

This one’s quite interesting and easy to do. All you have to do is inspire your loyal android app users and readers to share their experience in the form of text, images or videos pertaining to your business.

You can then share these snippets on your business profile for marketing purposes. It’s a win-win situation for you both. Your customers stand a chance to get popular and you get a chance to promote your products or services. User-Generated content also develops a sense of trust among the audience.

Over to You

Whatever practices you adopt, be sure to market quality content only. If you just throw some words and assume it will be read, then consider having a second thought on it. The more quality you provide, the higher are the chances of it being appreciated.

Keep a keen eye on the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) like the number of social shares, views, and links generated. It will help you out in measuring the effectiveness of your content marketing. And now, it’s over to you!