Amongst the 3 Apple’s recent iPhone production, two smartphones i.e. iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are now accessible in the retail market. In recent times, a majority of the iPhone users have been wondering about the 3rd model of the company. Though there wasn’t any information regarding Google Pixel 3, all thanks to the revealed details which states that both the Google Pixel 3 as well as Pixel 3 XL are now declared to be publicized soon.

Apple and Google are indeed two gigantic names in the smartphones world. The companies have been especially renowned for their amazing production and superb devices with premium features. However, when it comes to comparing the two recent sets i.e. Google’s Pixel 3 XL with Apple’s iPhone XS Max, it becomes quite tricky to choose one as both of them comes up with some exciting design, camera, battery, and more. So let’s have a glimpse at what all these two devices have for its users:

Google Pixel 3 XL Vs iPhone XS Max-Design

Though both Google’s and Apple’s Pixel 3 XL and iPhone XS Max are considered to be flagship models, they differ to a great extent when it comes to performance, battery life, camera, charging, and even design. Pixel 3 XL comes with a metal frame and a glass design at the back end. The upper portion of the handset accommodates camera sensor and lens while the lower section sports a fingerprint sensor. The model features a bottom bezel together with colored power button option.

iPhone XS Max and Pixel 3Apple’s iPhone XS Max is similar to Pixel 3 XL in terms of the combination of its metal and glass design. The device sports a complete glass structure at its rear end and features stainless steel casing to give it a top-notch texture. The rear end of the model houses a dual camera set up paired with the company’s logo cited at the center of the phone. With all screen front end, the upper section of the screen accommodates the front camera, Face ID sensors whereas the speakers are located at the bottom part.

Both the iPhone XS Max and Pixel 3 XL comes with a water-resistant tag and supports wireless charging. However, neither of them comprises a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Pixel 3 XL Vs iPhone XS Max – Display

Google Pixel 3 XL features a 6.5 inches OLED display screen with an aspect ratio of 18:5:9 and the resolution screen being 2960*1440. This Google’s production sports an ‘On Display’ function using which help the users check all the essential messages and notifications while the primary display is locked up. On the other hand, iPhone XS Max comes with a display screen of 6.5 inches and an aspect ratio of 19:5:9 along with the 2688*1242 screen resolution. Unlike Apple’s device, there isn’t any ‘On Display’ feature in iPhone XS Max.

Pixel 3 XL Vs iPhone XS Max – Camera

Google Pixel 3 XL possess single camera set up at the back end with the sensors being 12.2 mega-pixel. The device supports portrait mode and also allow certain features like Night Sight to capture quality and sharp images under the dim light. The front camera sports 8mega-pixel camera sensor along with a thick-angle lens for quality group selfies.

iPhone XS Max features a dual camera set up each 12-megapixel at the back end whereas a 7mega-pixel front camera for premium selfies. The device also supports portrait mode and face detection features.

Pixel 3 XL Vs iPhone XS Max – Performance

Whilst Pixel 3 XL is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Processor, iPhone XS Max operates on the company’s very own A12 Bionic chip. The former comprises 4GB of Random access memory and is available in two variants comprising the inbuilt storage configuration of 64GB as well as 128GB respectively. However, the device does not has a microSD card slot for additional storage. With a battery life of no less than 3430mAh, the device enables wireless charging system and could also be charged through USB-C port.

The battery capacity is perhaps amazing and the users are entitled to play a series of games, watch their favorite videos, and click some quality pictures. The battery usually lasts 24 hours for users operating it frequently.

Now coming to iPhone XS Max, it comes with 4GB of Random access memory together with 3 variants in terms of inbuilt memory i.e. 64GB, 256GB, and last but not the least 512GB. iPhone XS Max doesn’t consist of a microSD card. As per the claims of the Company, the battery capacity of the device is set at 25 hours a day after long talk time, playing multiple games, and running diverse social media apps simultaneously. Though the device doesn’t compete with the Google’s pixel 3 XL battery of 3430mAH as it supports 3170mAh battery (that’s quite decent) yet it supports wireless as well as fast charging with a capacity of getting charge around 50% within half an hour.

Pixel 3 Xl Vs iPhone XS Max Price

Pixel 3 XL comes with a price tag of Euro869 and would be accessible in the official website of the Company from 9th October. On the other hand, its competitor is priced at Euro1099 and would be available on its official website in the month of October.

Final Verdict

With premium performance and amazing features, perhaps both the production by Google and Apple has the potential to set a benchmark in the smartphone’s industry with their latest brand. However, when it comes to the comparison, Google Pixel 3 XL comes with some exciting and even better functions comparing to the later.

While Pixel 3 XL could help you seek a top-notch Android experience, Apple is providing its customers with a second-generation handset in the form of iPhone XS Max. Though the later is a bit expensive than Pixel 3 XL, its features indeed worth the few extra pennies you need to pay. So what’s your choice?