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Instagram expands its group video calling to support upto six people

Oct 23, 2018, 11:15 am

Earlier this year in June Instagram launched a new feature of Instagram video calling through the direct messaging system in the app. Back then it only supported 4 people on one video call but today Instagram announced that this video calling app will allow 6 people on one video call. And unlike the, earlier one can minimize the video call and scroll through their Instagram app without disturbance in the ongoing video call.

This all-new announcement was revealed today on Instagram Support Page. How to get on with this all-new video calling feature? It is all mentioned below as follows:

To start a video call/chat you can swipe into your direct messaging and open any chat and then tap the new camera icon in the right corner. Then it will connect with your friend’s phones so that they don’t miss it, and while the call is going you can access all the other features in the app and continue with your activity without any disturbance in the video call.

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