A revolutionary Virtual Reality Game is published by Sony this month. This has a new head-mounted display with an ability to track the positions of the finger on the hands of the user which would create a new form where players can directly interact by reaching out to the virtual world.

The patent Oct 11 has been named as

Gaming Device With Rotatably Placed Cameras

The president of the company gave confirmation about the ongoing work on PS4 successor earlier this month, on the other hand, Bethesda and Infinity Ward gave hints of ongoing work on next-generation work titles.

PlayStation VR, which was launched in 2016 costing $399 has sold over three million units, somewhere this only inclined Sony on planning its successor.

The patent describes the methods of identifying fingers on a hand using a wrist-worn wearable device that transmits infrared light, a camera which is placed on the headset can pick up this light while camera which is there on a wrist-worn device helps to identify the fingers.

PlayStation Hand Tracking KitThe tracking inside-out nature will make a change from the current setup of PS4 setup, where there is a two-lens camera in front of the TV which would track lights on the headset, PlayStation Move single-handed wands, and controller.

This enables Oculus Quest technology which is a self-contained headset that uses a mobile processor to run applications without any external support which offers full room-scale virtual reality without insignificant sensors.

VR is still in the very early stage and one potential evolution of VR is mixed reality. One of the issue with VR is that you can’t see outside, it’s a little bit dangerous- you will have to sit down to use it. Also VR motion sickness, there is a lot of room of room to improve in VR experiences and you will see the change and the improvement.- Kenichiro Yoshida, CEO, Sony

The Patent also says that there is a possibility of ankle connectors that can potentially track feet and would give a whole new experience to a game like FIFA. Also says that there can be wireless communication with a game console which would benefit users with high visual quality from the future system without wires and associated with PS4.

Virtual tracking reality hand is not really a wholesome new idea as the uSens company has already given a demonstration of it earlier.

But if Sony decides to bring this to the PlayStation that too with PS4 having sold over 80 million consoles that can surely transform gaming technology all over.

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