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Apple to extend Haptic Touch in iOS over time

Oct 24, 2018, 6:30 am

Apple uses Haptic Touch a new technology on the iPhone XR which is a replacement for 3D Touch. Now Apple is going to extend Haptic Touch to which part of iOS is still not clear.

Haptic Touch cannot be used where there is a use of long pressing to make other functions work, to get back to the home screen or to rearrange all the applications. To have a borderless LCD screen, Apple failed to add 3D Touch to iPhone XR.

One of the biggest drawbacks of Haptic Touch is that for now, it works only in few places, like shortcuts for the camera on the lock screen, additional switches, flashlight, and the menus popping up.

Haptic Touch can’t do everything that SD Touch can do, however-I miss the link preview of Safari and Twitter. Apple told me that they are trying to bring it to iOS. Multi domain, but progress is slow. – Nilay Patel of Foreign media The Verge

Barclay’s stated a few months ago, “Apple’s supply chain partners basically believe that all iPhones in 2019 will no longer use 3D Touch. If the news is true, Apple’s practice of expanding the scope of Haptic Touch will not be limited to the software side, the hardware will also have some action. Current iPhone XS series still offers 3D Touch functionality”.

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