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In the beginning, web design trends were incorporated with web-safe colors and unique palette schemes. Later, the websites have been loaded with text, usual monitor resolution, and then HTML. But by now, we have come a long way as society has been completely enabled into digital. So, we need to take a step ahead to hold the promising trends of 2018.

In the past years, web designers have managed to cope up with enhanced technical challenges and however managed to create websites that are user-friendly, innovative, and adaptable with corporate style. However, 2017 had many advancements including mobile-friendliness. In that way, 2018 must-have several benefits that were never seen before. Almost the year 2018 is going to end and so let’s discuss the web design trends that scored the hearts of every web designer.

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In fact, there is much to learn in web design, but here is the list of top 10 web design trends to watch in 2018 which will give utmost attention to your websites.

JavaScript – Progressive Enhancement

Nothing makes a website better without JavaScript and so the web developers have jumped towards this powerful tool to create more engaging and interactive documents

JavascriptThis year developers have used functional programming heavily. In fact, no one knows how the JavaScript will end but actually, it takes up a great journey.

Yes, “JavaScript is still ruling the world.”

Bottom Sticky Elements

Have you ever recognized your users are clicking at the bottom of the page to navigate? Mobile app designs have become the most important in this era and so website developers must have proper web designing training in these sticky menu items. In 2018, web designers utilized this less obstructive area as a prime viewing area.

Voice Search

Voice Search

It’s certain, voice search will remain a part of the future web design. Incorporating search terms in the standard language is imperative for all web design projects nowadays. Compared to other trends, it is expected to be in higher usage and popularity this year. So, start incorporating it into your business to travels along with the trends.

Split Screen Feature

Split screen design patterns are trending nowadays. Moreover, people need to have quality service and ready to pay for it, so get ready for enabling split screen feature to enhance the sales and revenue. In addition, it provides more enjoyable work in all environments.

Many designers are opting for the split screen with another topmost layer which contains text to provide a more deeper effect.

Subtle and Scrolling Animations

Subtle animations are intimate and direct but mean everything necessary. It acts like just a delight to visitors with its visual attraction. You can apparently greet your visitors to a visual world of wonders. There are still infinite possibilities available to engage customers through scrolling animation. In fact, designers can try including a balanced touch of parallax with scrolling.

Designers have started using different tools that ease the creation of animations. But however, animations should be placed in a genuine place as it can distract the users and may result in performance issues.

Asymmetrical grids, Fluid shapes, and Brighter colors

As already said, split screen designs are trending now and so never worry about influencing exact symmetry anymore.

Almost sharp and geometrical shapes endured the ride in 2017. But things promptly have completely changed and have more fluid shapes than ever. Especially, visually gracious curves are enticing the visitors remarkably. Visually appealing bright color, who doesn’t demand this? This appealing feature is holding it’s placed on its own in this ever-growing field.

Scalable Vector Graphic Images

It is not a modern feature but is highly familiar these days. It involves lightweight images of a vector that consists of icons, logos, and graphics under an ideal combination. Almost all types of high-resolution displays take up this format’s gradual rise. It is expected to endure the thing of the future as more advantages are provided when compared to normal pixels. It includes a 360-degree view of the image and will never affect the loading speed.

Virtual reality videos

VR VideoWe all know that visual communication has gained importance over the years. But now it’s different, web designers have set a current trend of integrating videos into websites. Definitely, today’s designing processes naturally include 360-degree videos and virtual reality videos, this has produced significant enhancement.

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

The enhancement in technology has caused an impact on web designing elements. Almost millions of devices right now are having Google Assistant, Cortana, and other digital assistants. In addition, websites at present are using chatbots for easier communication with customers. So, is clear it will be the present and future of web designing.

Mobile responsive design

It is not a current trend but is a must-have feature in all websites. However, the web designing world is turning towards mobile first approach and as well Google itself has insisted to enable Accelerated mobile pages. In fact, it is good practice to design the smaller pages first in a way easy to develop large pages.

Mobile Responsive

In addition to these trends, there are several other features in which web designers need to be strong

  • Flat design
  • Broken grid layouts
  • Expressive typography
  • Bold fonts and eye-catchy colors
  • Floating navigational menu
  • Sustainable design
  • Stacking Mobile
  • Brand Experience

There are numerous web designing trends in which web designers must concentrate a lot, however, to adapt to these ever-changing trends Xone must have learned best web designing courses. Good training help in following and employing accurate techniques at the right time. With these trends into an effect, websites will encompass effectively and will definitely deliver a tangible impact on this digital world.

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Iyyapan Kalimuthu
Iyyapan Kalimuthu
Iyyapan Kalimuthu has been the lead digital marketer and professional content writer in a well recognized SEO service since 2010. He is very much interested in ghostwriting, web content, Ebooks and SEO articles. His passion is to help others in all aspects of marketing and so he often conducts advanced digital marketing training programme.


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