Google Pixel 3 XL bug makes a drastic addition, a second notch

Google Pixel 3 XL Bug

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The second notch on the Pixel 3 XL is probably one of the drastic addition made to any smartphone in the history ever.

People are amused by seeing this addition to the phone, everyone is wondering about the addition made and applying their own perspective, some think this is done for the screen rotation feature, but still, this is getting really very confusing.

The issue getting raised by the users is that when the screen is switching from landscape to portrait is when the software is messing it up totally, but people are getting affected by the bug and that can be fixed by rebooting the phone or with the developer setting.

“Does anyone have this issue on their Pixel 3XL where an outline of another notch pops up on the top right side?
Placed a white background to show it” Jessie Burroughs tweeted. (user)

Google says that they are working on the fix for all the problems coming up. Android developers recently alerted Google that any Android phone can have maximum 2 notches and not more than that.

Google Pixel 3 XL bug makes a drastic addition, a second notch