Totaling 21 countries, Facebook has expanded its Level Up Program to game streamers around the world. This enables game streamers to build a community on Facebook hence allowing them to earn some extra cash through Facebook stars; a feature that lets fans support their favorite gaming architect by purchasing and sending virtual goods during live streams.

More than 68 million people have taken to Facebook to post, comment, like, or share something related to Gamescom and gaming between June 15th, at the end of E3, and up until August 13th. As per statistics about a third of these people are between 25 and 35 years old, and 41 percent are women.

For the Facebook Level Up members they have access to new features, including 1080p/60fps streaming, a customized streamer dashboard, and Facebook support for troubleshooting and bug reporting, said Bob Slinn, director of EMEA Games Partnerships at Facebook.

As Facebook continues to assault against Twitch; much like Twitch, it also goes for a partner program that can help streamers earn additional funds and have greater reach and visibility.

Since Facebook has the launched Level Up program in June, the company has seen a lot of demand from gaming creators to join the program along with some early encouraging results. Facebook has also mentioned about their level up of event presence at Gamescom. Following the premise from Pax East and E3, Facebook gaming creators will be taking center stage at the largest public event space to date for Facebook Gaming.