Instagram encourages good spirited elections by adding “I VOTED” and “WE VOTED” Stickers

Instagram Stickers

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While the entire population of US is gearing up for its midterm elections, Instagram in a recent info update has revealed that casting votes this Election Day is going to be much more fun for its law-abiding users across the country. In a move to encourage more voters to turn out and good election spirits, Instagram has recently introduced two new additions to its social platforms.

Users across the United States can now avail the “I VOTED” sticker and the “WE VOTED” story displayed across their Instagram stories bar. With the US topping the list of countries with the largest Instagram audience worldwide, of around 121 million monthly active users, this social platform enjoys huge popularity among the younger generation.

Going to be available over screens from this Sunday, now users can click a selfie and attach the Instagram “I Voted Sticker”. Friends and family can now even locate each other’s polling booth by tapping the Instagram stickers, courtesy to Get the Polls. Another new feature, the “WE VOTED” could be seen across stories, when a large community of friends and family vote together and share it over the social platform, attaching the “I VOTED” stickers on their Instagram selfies.

With Election Day around the corner, when scores of Americans will cast their vote on November 8, this new functionality has already created a buzz among Instagram enthusiasts. Instagram has given a new opportunity to its large fan base over the US for an exciting and good spirited election.

Source: Instagram

Instagram encourages good spirited elections by adding “I VOTED” and “WE VOTED” Stickers