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iPhone 5 is officially listed as an outdated product

Nov 1, 2018, 5:30 am

This afternoon, Apple updated its list of discontinued and obsolete products, as of now Apple’s iPhone 5 will now be classified as an outdated product in U.S and other different regions and countries. For now, Apple will continue to provide its parts and service repairs for at least the next five years and gradually the discontinued product will get stopped totally and will be added to Apple Vintage and Obsolete products.

There is a fine line between the outdated and discontinued products which is only recognized by Turkey and California as the manufacturers continue with the product for 2 years after it is classified as a discontinued product and also the product offers limited service support.

The regulations and requirements of Turkey do not apply on iPhone 5, it is only applicable to iPads and Macs. The list where iPhone 5 is been classified as a discontinued product is an addition to the United States and other parts of the world but still, iPhone 5 is considered as an outdated product under the regulation of California.

Some reviews coming up on this are mentioned as follows:

“Maybe after a year, the big screen machines is flooding when you are tired, the small screen and high are popular again”

“At the time of the release of iPhone 5 many people ridiculed the design of the extended screen but now the mainstream full screen is already 19.5.9”

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