The end of 2018 is just some steps away, and this makes LG plan for its next year releases. According to some internal documents, the South Korean company will once again be focusing on its flexible display tech for the Las Vegas-based CES 2019 conference in January next year. LG will reportedly showcase a rollable 8K OLED TV at next year’s CES event.

Instead of having prototypes and concepts, however, LG may indeed have some ready for market devices on show at CES 2019. Although besides the information on the appearance of the products at the event, no further details have been provided.

There are no latest updates on what the TV will offer but the previous version exhibited at this year’s CES event provided enough background information. For example, during CES 2018 the TV was a 4K 65-inch model. As to be expected with a rollable OLED panel, the user can hide the display completely by pushing a button which essentially lowers the display portion into a collapsed state which is then housed within the bottom non-display portion of the device.

To get it more specifically; a rollable OLED TV will be present along with a foldable phone, with both being a part of LG’s Display division. Though the details are unknown when it comes to making a splash in 2019, it looks like LG is hoping to get a jump-start on its competition at CES.

As for the rollable OLED TV, LG is leading the way in that regard, but it remains to be seen how consumers will react to the product. With two months to go until CES 2019 kicks off next year.