Spotify to make its way to Apple Watch; Beta app available now

Spotify in Apple Watch

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Spotify may finally make its way into the Apple Watch, as a closed beta version of the app has recently been made available for testing through TestFlight.

“Just updated the TestFlight build, and there’s now an Apple Watch app. Right now it’s limited to controlling playback on the phone, however (no offline support),” tweeted EdmundFitzgerald29.

Beta testers of the iOS app can simply control playback for now, while it remains to be seen if the final version of the app will include the offline downloading feature to allow Premium subscribers to sync songs to an Apple Watch and use it independent of an iPhone. The app has also to be optimized for 40mm and 44mm sized Apple Watch Series 4 models.

Spotify has been working with the developer of the unofficial Snowy app that brought offline Spotify playback to the Apple Watch. Last year Andrew Chang had claimed that Spotify had hired him to create a companion app using the company’s iOS SDK.

With major apps like Google, Amazon, Instagram, and Twitter being removed from Apple Watch; along with the third-party app, Spotty; this piece of news undoubtedly comes as a much-awaited breath of fresh air for Apple Watch users.

Source: MacRumors

Spotify to make its way to Apple Watch; Beta app available now