Walmart makes shopping smarter with the introduction of AR Scanner

Walmart AR Scanner

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Walmart announced the launch of its new Augmented Reality scanner feature to applications of iPhone which would help the shoppers to compare products in the easiest way that too very fast.

The Walmart AR Scanner is going to be available for use to the customers all across the shelves present in the store which will have all the pricing details and also the customer ratings on the product, unlike the old barcode which only compares the price of the product that too one at a time.

Walmart store shoppers love using our mobile app barcode scanner as a price checker. Our team sees the potential of the product as so much more. – Tim Sears, a senior engineering manager at Walmart lab

Whenever a customer tries to launch the scanner, a connection will be provided which will be a direct connection of physical and digital world with screen and lens of the camera and that will be created there.

Walmart AR Scanning in iOSThe AR scanner is designed in a way that the users don’t get confused while they are ongoing through the multiple comparisons regarding the price and reviews of the products chosen, the biggest advantage of this app is that it is live which means it will get updated instantly with the change in the price or information of any of the product.

This scanner was designed with a thought of making the experience of the buyer faster and smarter.

Directions to use the Walmart AR Scanner is mentioned as follows:

Firstly you need to launch the feature in the Walmart app then you need to point out the products you want to compare to. As you will proceed with the selection of the products, the product tile will keep on updating with all the required information like the price, review, the name of the product and the link.

Other retailers who are using Walmart AR Scanner are Mayfair, Amazon, Target, etc. The latest version of the AR scanner is Walmart is App (18.20 and the higher versions) and this also works on iOS 11.3.

Via: Medium

Walmart makes shopping smarter with the introduction of AR Scanner